Non-Traditional Spreads

Everything from Oracle Readings, to Past Life explorations, to Full Intuitive spreads.


Intuitive Reading: $50.00
Past Life Reading: $35

Full Numerology Spread: $125.00
Half Numerology Spread: $75.00
Past Life Numerology Spread: $75.00
Mini Numerology Spread: $25.00

Numerology Information:

Full Spread includes Life Path, Expression, Bridge, Soul Urge, Personality, Birth Date, Maturity, Expression-Soul Urge Bridge, Soul Urge-Personality Bridge, Karmic, Challenge, Hidden Passion, and Balance numbers; the works!

Half Spread includes Life Path, Expression, Bridge, Soul Urge, Personality, and Birth Date numbers; a sampling of some of the more important destiny-related numbers.

Past Life Spread includes Life Path, Soul Urge, Karmic, Challenge, and Balance numbers; provides in-depth insight to any karmic cycles still holding sway over you from previous lifetimes.

Mini Spread includes Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge numbers; a nice appetizer of numerology.


Temporal Overview: $25.00
Temporal Analysis: $40.00
Triatic Measurement: $100.00

Temporal Overview is a five card spread that covers past, present, and future, with both advice and perspective.

Temporal Analysis is a 15 card spread that covers past, present, and future in greater detail, with advice and perspective for each section.

Triatic Measurement is an in-depth, 10 card reading - contact Iconoclast for more information.

Lady Nogs'

Horseshoe: $25.00
Underworld Spread: $25.00
Wandering Stars Spread: $45.00
​Tree of Life: $75.00

Yes/No/Maybe is a quick and dirty way to get a simple yes or no answer.

The Horseshoe Spread is a 7 card spread that deals with luck and chance.

The Underworld Spread is a 9 card spread that seeks to explore how the Underworld influences and manifests in your daily life.

Wandering Stars is a 3 to 15 card spread that allows for the cards to "wander" - this spread can take some interesting turns.

The Tree of Life is a comprehensive life path analysis.