Three Witches Tarot

Professional intuitive readings, Tarot reading photobooks, and spiritual guidance
Our Story
Three Witches Tarot consists of three lifelong practioners of the craft who come from a colorful variety of backgrounds.

We have a combined 40+ years of experience with tarot and other forms of divination - we can work with you to determine how best to answer your questions.

Ashanna the Galactic Orphan

Ashanna came to the craft around age 12, just after being confirmed and realizing that Catholicism was not her thing.  
After dabbling in a plethora of pagan paths, including Druidry, Taoism, and Dianic witchcraft, she has now settled into her own ecclectic blend of comfortable spiritual witchery.   A Starseed, empath, and clairsentient, Ashanna took to Tarot and other forms of divination quickly.  Prior to joining Thee Witches Tarot, she read cards in Philadephia as well as online.

Ashanna is an ordained interfaith minister and board-certified bodywork therapist with a specialization in energy healing.  She has recently added numerology and Akashic record readings to her repertoire.  When she isn't working to expand her consciousness, she can be found writing, dancing, knitting, or playing with her Calico cat.

Lady Nogs

Lady Nogs can't exactly remember when she started practicing the craft.  She can remember, however, sitting at her great-great-grandmother's knee while Mama Lottie made soap and told her stories about the Old Ways.

Lady Nogs is an eclectic kitchen witch, who has spent the last several decades honing her craft and trying to find a deck of tarot cards that isn't quite so snarky.  She started reading cards in a horse trailer turned vardo, and has developed a number of unique spreads and techniques.

When she isn't traveling, she can be found with her nose in a book, or falling asleep with a PS4 controller in her hands.


36, going on a couple hundred, Iconoclast has about 20 years experience working with divination tools and other witchy subjects.  He used to read for drunk tourists on Jackson Square in New Orleans, and has, as a result, "seen some shit."

One foot firmly planted on each side of the veil, Iconoclast is a big believer in the blending of technology and the metaphysical.  He once created a religion on accident.  More than anything else, identifies as a punk, and is probably actively tired of someone's bullshit.  As in, right now, no matter when this is being read.  

Iconoclast has no faith in humanity, and yet, is pathologically incapable of giving up on said humanity.  He fully intends to create a new plane of existence and invite precisely no one.

"I am not a cynic.  I am an extremely disappointed romantic."