Traditional Spreads

The Three Witches offer a variety of traditional tarot and oracle readings.  See our standard pricing below.


3 Card Spread: $15.00
​5 Card Spread: $25.00
Tetraktys Spread: $40.00

Mage the Ascension Tarot
Archeon Tarot


​​3 Card Spread: $15.00
5 Card Spread: $25.00
9 Card Spread: $40.00

Kuan Yin Oracle
Archangel Oracle Deck

Gilded Tarot
Tarot of the Cat People
Chrysalis Tarot
Manga Tarot
Butterfly Oracle Cards
Past Life Oracle Cards
Fallen Angel Oracle Cards
Unicorn Oracle Cards
Crystal Oracle Deck

Lady Nogs'

3 Card Spread: $15.00
7 Card Spread: $30.00
​9 Card Spread: $40.00
Celtic Cross: $50.00

Legend: The Arthurian Tarot
The Wild Unknown Tarot
The Faerie Oracle